Inaugural Editorial

  • Wolfgang Ringer AGES, Austria
  • Per Nilsson ÅF, Sweden
  • Boris Dehandschutter FANC, Belgium
  • José-Luis Gutiérrez Villanueva Radonova Laboratories AB, Sweden
Keywords: editorial, European Radon Association, radon


A group of researchers, professionals and members of regulatory bodies, all of them experts in radon protection, started the European Radon Association (ERA) 7 years ago. The first meeting was held in the city of Boullion, a radon-prone area in Belgium. ERA was founded by 33 individuals and a few private companies. Thanks to the enthusiasm of its members and the interest of the radon community, ERA is nowadays a respectful body on radon in Europe, and it is being considered by individuals and institutions as the reference association for radon issues on the continent.


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Ringer W., Nilsson P., Dehandschutter B., & Gutiérrez Villanueva J.-L. (2020). Inaugural Editorial. Journal of the European Radon Association, 1.